"Ethics is principle of good life and moral is observe of it". (R).
( But what is good life? That's the question! ).
The purpose of life is to find the purpose of life. (R).

Consciousness of ourselwes and our environments arise with sense and brain.
"Cogito ergo sum" - thinking, - so I am, abstract philosopher Rene Descarte in 1600 century.
Sense of the world - philosophers are always searching "the truth" with their knowledge and thinking.

Theories, trends of ideas and way of thinking have been varied and formulated our ideology strongly.
Philosophy and history of it give us knowledge how things are developed an how they maybe
continue to develope for future. We need large understanding the backgrounds of things in this time.
That we know where we are coming from - and where we are going to.
Rapildy developed technology give us challenge, philosophy give us tools to understand it.

Huge amount of information, altougth small bit's of knowledge it is in our brain - it astonish.
Our challenge is find from this mesh only essential, true and wisdom.
What is essential of nature, what is true, what is wisdom? Philosophy try to find the answers.
Toward a science of consciousness

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